Total Recomp

Total recomp is a 12 week coaching program focused around mastering the fundamentals of training and nutrition.

More specifically, it is a blueprint you can take and make your own to make any fitness goal achievable through a tangible plan; knowing you have the principles of any successful body recomposition as the pillars supporting your results.

What are the goals of Total Recomp?

  • Improved body shape – more muscle mass and less body fat
  • Achieve total BW loss through nutritional strategies  
  • Gain strength and muscle resistance training   
  • Improved health through training, nutritional improvements and habits
  • Provide education to allow you to continue making progress after the course
  • Incorporate consistent training and healthy eating habits into your lifestyle
  • Understanding the nutritional concepts and strategies used.

Whats included in Total Recomp?

Initial consultation:

Heavily focussed on education around goal setting, nutritional set up, training set up and mind set.

Intro week: 3 x 1-to-1 in person coaching sessions

Sessions 1 = Nutritional set up and practicals – Set initial daily/weekly/monthly goals and tasks for plan ahead .

Session 2 = Training set up and movement assessment – Coaching through fundamental movements.

Session 3 = Coaching you through a full training session.

12 weeks individual online coaching:

Guiding and supporting you through the journey to achieving your results.

  • Bespoke training programming to you as an individual
  • Nutritional and lifestyle habit guidance 
  • Weekly check ins

Looking at adherence, successes/struggles, analysing data, nutritional intake, training, evaluating progress.

  • Goal setting and progress tracking
  • Training and nutrition education

What’s expected from you?

No matter what your starting point is, 12 weeks of consistent, focused work can yield incredible progress. Anyone can make changes, all we need from you is an open mind, the readiness to make changes to your life and goals you want to achieve! 

My goals and what you can expect from us!

Our goals for anyone we work with is to create the best results possible in the time we have together. While you are working hard, training and carrying out the plan, on our side we want to provide as much support and value to you as possible. This will consist of weekly accountability check ins, goal setting and progress reviews. As well as this, we aim to educate everyone on the fundamentals of training, nutrition and the process of their plan as it relates to their results in order to give you the tools and knowledge to maintain or even further your results after the course is done. 

If Total Recomp interests you, fill out your details below and we can arrange a 15 minute call discuss your goals and to see if you’ll be a good fit for Total Recomp.


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