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At The PT Centre we don’t just give you a generic plan to follow, we believe nutrition plays an important role to each person individually.

We take our time and offer our complete attention to look into your lifestyle, and find out what your current behaviours and habits are around food.

Its by doing this that we can really tailor your nutrition to your lifestyle and not the other way round.

We pride ourselves on providing the education around nutrition so that you know exactly how to cope with situations that occur in your life.

What we can offer to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Nutritional Coaching

There are specific levels of service we offer which include the following :

  • Full in-depth Consultation.
  • In depth analysis of your current eating behaviours.
  • Tailored bespoke guidance around your lifestyle.
  • Take into account your location, health factors, job, religion, food preferences.
  • Utilising body fat callipers to gauge progress (in house).
  • Access to our dedicated online Nutrition Tracker and coaching hub.
  • 7 day week communication (package dependant).
  • Weekly check ins (in person or via video).
  • Full access to our Coaching hub and other resources.

To find out more and enquire about a Full Consultation simply fill out the pre-consultation form below and we will get back to you within 2 working days.

Nutritional Consultation

  • A full and comprehensive look into what you’re currently doing.
  • Looking at your current behaviours, habits and routines.
  • Guidance on what you want to achieve
  • Suitability for either level 1 or 2 coaching
  • Full write up of the nutritional guidance.

Nutrition consultation

£8000one off payment
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