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Rachel Boddington

I love to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. 

I have spent the last 10 years of my life coaching skiing and snowboarding and raising a family.

The skills I gained in these environments have enabled me to progress into personal training bringing a wealth of knowledge around understanding a persons goals and how to achieve them

My passion lies in one to one coaching and really understanding how every individual is different and needs coaching in a different way. Being adaptable as a coach is hugely important to me and enables me to be able to connect with, help and progress each person through their journey with us.

Would you like to lose weight? 

Would you like to gain strength and muscle? 

Would you like to change your lifestyle? 

Would you like to be happier in your skin and have someone looking out for you?

Through our journey together we can look at your daily life in detail and make the necessary changes to firstly achieve your goals , but also make you happy!

Education is a huge part of this and part of my service is to provide information on training and nutrition so that in the future you can sustain your results confidently and independently.

These results can be gained via my online coaching services. 

Clients that are working with me online are achieving incredible amounts of weight loss, they are improving their lifts week on week via the structured and progressive programming we have in place. 

Most importantly, they are maintaining their results long term because of the education provided in my services. 

Choosing the right pathway to suit your lifestyle is vital – and we can discuss this together in your consultation. 

You may be a parent needing to manage this around family life, you may have a job with very long hours and lots of travel. 

With all this in mind you may be thinking I can’t fit another appointment into my schedule!! 

Well you don’t have to – my online coaching services mean you don’t have to book in any more appointments.

Online coaching provides a huge degree of flexibility and adaptability to really suit your lifestyle. 

It is tailored specifically to your needs, your time available and your location (gym or home training). 

Check out some of my amazing clients testimonials below who have achieved incredible results. 

“Rachel is and has been amazing! I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and fitness. I’ve been able to enjoy all the things I did before and manage to lose weight and change the shape of my body too. I’m really enjoying seeing the changes and very much look forward to where I’ll get to whilst I continue making my progress. 

I highly recommend Rachel, she’s an inspiration with such knowledge and focus she has the best balance between being tough and supportive without any unrealistic end goals.

If you want to make a change, don’t debate any longer just call Rachel and make those hopes a reality.”

Jackie Sheridan, PT Centre Client

“Rachel from day one has taken the time and care to understand me, what I want to achieve and the journey I have been on so far. Because of her doing that, she has made me feel so relaxed, excited to train and also that I can be myself in each and every session.

I love running and have spent many years going to the gym but I have never really lifted weights and certainly not the amount I am I able to lift now! My goals were all about building strength, feeling toned and building up the confidence to use the weights at the gym and know that I am doing it right. I have watched plenty of strength training videos and can honestly say that they do not compare in the slightest to the support and knowledge you get from a PT at the PT Centre. I would have most likely been doing it wrong and caused myself an injury if I hadn’t had the support of Rachel in explaining the details of each movement and when to push yourself more and when to not!

3 months down the line and I am feeling stronger, more confident and have actually been able to walk into a gym and use weights and machines by myself without feeling out of place or embarrassed.

I haven’t tracked measurements or weighed myself – for me this journey was all about feeling better inside and outside without becoming fixated on numbers on the scale or calorie counting. Rachel has understood that and has been an absolute star in supporting me at every session and also outside of sessions; that is invaluable.”

Nikki Inhgam, PT Centre Client

“I am just coming to the end of my ‘Fit in 4’ course and am happy to announce that I am so pleased and surprised with the results. It achieved exactly what I wanted to achieve, to kickstart my journey back into a fitter healthier lifestyle. In fact it exceeded my expectations. For over 20 years I’ve been in and out of gyms, trying to get the body I wanted, but the results have always been minimal. Yet in just 4 weeks My PT coach Rachel Boddington has managed to help me achieve a much fitter, leaner me. I’m happier now with the way I look than I have been for a long, long time. She listened to all of my goals and provided me with tailored, invaluable information, guidance and useful tools to to help me get the results I was after. I have learned so much in such a short space of time.

 I honestly cannot recommend her highly enough, and the PT centre is truly a great place to train. 

Quite simply the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very long time. Thank you Rachel, for giving me the mindset to push myself to my limits, or more accurately, beyond what I thought they were.”

Dan Willis, Fit in 4

“I’ve been training with Rachel at the PT Centre now for nearly 3 months. I’ve lost over a stone and a total of 33cms. 

Rachel took the time to really understand my objectives and my motivation before designing a program bespoke to me. She has happily tailored that to support me through some health issues. Each session I can see the progress i’m making. Heavier weights, feeling stronger and losing weight. Most of all the satisfaction of knowing I’m working hard at getting myself to a better place and I have Rachel’s expertise and support behind me all the way.”

Joanne Baker, PT Centre Client

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