The whole team are passionate about your health and happiness. We work hard to inspire people to achieve life-changing results. Time and again, we’re blown away by what our clients accomplish.


I’ve been working in the fitness industry for over ten years, helping people achieve life changing results is something that brings me the most amount of happiness. 

I set up The PT Centre to specialise in private 1-to-1 and small group training. The team and I have created a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that’s not like most commercial gyms. We want all our clients to feel at home so that they enjoy working through the process towards achieving their health and fitness goals.

My aim is to inspire, motivate and support you to achieving your goal, with the training, coaching and education we provide at The PT Centre.

We provide value, care and attention to all of our clients within our exclusive private facility. We are here to help you improve, regardless whether or not you have ever visited a gym before.

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There is no secret to getting results, finding what works for you then hard work and consistency.

My passion is to help my clients reach their goals and their full potential.

Finding my love for fitness and helping people has put me in such a blessed place.

Training clients on a one-to-one basis gives me the best opportunity to motivate and educate my clients but also to listen, and be there with them on their journey.


I take a highly individualised approach to progress from start point to goal.

My service is delivering coaching, online or in person, to get results through managing training and nutrition in tandem with a heavy educational component. 

Ensuring there is a thorough understanding of how progress is made is just as important to me as the progress itself!

My approach is principle-based because, with the methods to apply these principles appropriately matched from person to person.

My goal is to give people confidence in their own knowledge!

That confidence is so important for successfully creating results. Knowing the why behind everything you are doing provides a much more positive mindset throughout the journey and shows that everybody can make progress.

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Rachel Boddington

I love to help people feel comfortable in their own skin. 

I have spent the last 10 years of my life coaching skiing and snowboarding and raising a family.

The skills I gained in these environments have enabled me to progress into personal training bringing a wealth of knowledge around understanding a persons goals and how to achieve them

My passion lies in one to one coaching and really understanding how every individual is different and needs coaching in a different way. Being adaptable as a coach is hugely important to me and enables me to be able to connect with, help and progress each person through their journey with us.

Jay Swanston

My mission is to help you reach your health and fitness related goals. I will show you the path and help you stay on it.

By drawing knowledge from years of experience within the British Army Infantry, ultramarathons and combat sports allows me listen and understand what your wants and needs are and help you achieve them. Your physical and metal accomplishments give me great satisfaction. 

I’ll show you how ownership, consistency, discipline and making manageable adjustments in everyday life will let you achieve great and consistent results that last.

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